Nutripe Lamb with Green Tripe, Canned Dog Food
Nutripe Lamb with Green Tripe, Canned Dog Food

Nutripe Lamb with Green Tripe, Canned Dog Food

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New Formula! With added Shark Cartilage & Green Lipped Mussel Powder!
The word Tripe may sound very alien to some. But to some pro-breeders or kennels of performance dogs, it is a well known ingredient and most natural kind of food that can be fed to canines. You might then ask what is Green Tripe and what does it contain?

Tripe is actually the stomach of ruminating animals; examples of ruminating animals are cattle, buffaloes, sheep, deer, goats and the list goes on…… These animals are various hoofed, even-toed, usually horned mammals, characteristically having a stomach divided into four compartments and chewing a cud consisting of regurgitated, partially digested food. The four chambers of such a stomach are known as the rumen, reticulum, omasum and the abomasums. During the process of feeding, the food that the animal eats (i.e. grass, hay) is swallowed unchewed and passes into the rumen and reticulum where it is then regurgitated, chewed and mixed with saliva. It is again swallowed and then passed through the reticulum and omasum into the abomasums, where it is then further broken down by the gastric juices, amino acids and other digestive enzymes. These gastric juices and enzymes produced during this process of regurgitation, not only aid the animal in digestion, but also aid the dog in digesting and efficiently utilizing his food, and also, the amino acids play a vital role in the muscular development of the animal. Present in Green Tripe is Lactic Acid Bacteria, also known as Lactobacillus Acidophilus which is a good intestinal bacterium that helps digestion. Tripe also has a perfect balance of Calcium and Potassium which is needed for good bones and joints and development in general.

Why Tripe?

In feeding Green Tripe to a dog, we are actually trying to reproduce how a dog feeds in its natural state. In the wild, when a dog hunts and devours all the contents of its catch, the first thing that the wild dog goes for is the tripe. Research has also shown that the calcium to phosphorous ratio in green tripe is 1:1 which is needed for development of good bones and joints, and the overall pH is on the acidic side which is better for digestion. Present also in Green Tripe is the essential fatty acids, Linoleic and Linolenic, in their recommended proportions. Also discovered, was the presence of Lactic Acid Bacteria. Lactic Acid Bacteria, also known as Lactobacillus Acidophilus, is a good intestinal bacterium for digestion.


NUTRIPE is recommended as a supplement to your dog’s present diet. Add a proportionate amount of NUTRIPE to your dog’s current diet of can food, dry kibbles or even home-cooked food to increase the tastiness and nutritional value. Alternatively, NUTRIPE’s ‘Beef With Tripe’ and ‘Chicken With Tripe’ can food flavours can be served as your dogs daily diet.

Benefits of NUTRIPE

From feeding on NUTRIPE, your dog will have a healthier diet and appetite, shinier coat and cleaner teeth. They will be able to receive a nutritional meal from feeding on NUTRIPE that has all the nutrients from grass and grains that has been processed by the cattle’s stomach. NUTRIPE is manufactured and canned in New Zealand, using beef GREEN TRIPE from RANGE-FED cattle. Therefore you can be guaranteed that you will be feeding your canine with something 100% safe, natural, delicious and nutritious!

* Healthier diet and appetite

* Shiner coat and Cleaner teeth

* Natural balance of Calcium and Phosphorous ratio

* Contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus which help digestion

Feeding Instructions

Introduce NUTRIPE to your dog's diet gradually to prevent any disruption of its digestive pattern.

NUTRIPE can be fed as a supplement to your dog's favourite raw or dry food. The suggested serving can range from 1/4 tripe to 3/4 commercial food or as high as 3/4 tripe to 1/4 commercial food.

2 kg - 13.5 kg ---------------------- 1/2 to 1 can per day

13.5 kg - 32 kg --------------------- 1 to 2 cans per day

32 kg and above ------------------- 1 to 3 cans per day

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein Min ---------------------- 8.0%

Crude Fat Min --------------------------- 5.0%

Crude Fibre max ----------------------- 1.5%

Crude Ash max ------------------------- 3.0%

Ingredients Listing

Lamb, Tripe, Stabilizers, Vitamins and Minerals, Garlic, Sufficient water for processing

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