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OHPOPDOG Nihon Collection Cape
OHPOPDOG Nihon Collection Cape

OHPOPDOG Nihon Collection Cape

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Just when you thought bone-shaped biscuits are the ultimate symbol of wealth, enter the peony! Featuring front-and-center in the Royal Blue 150 print, the peony motif is a symbol of royalty and wealth and is characteristically found in many traditional nyonya porcelain wares. The print celebrates this beautiful flower with a modern twist using contemporary and bold colours, though some dogs contend that a boned-shaped biscuit with a bacon twist is more appropriate.
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Botan (Flower)

Nami (Blue Waves)

Tsuru (Cranes)

An ode to tradition and reverence, the Nihon Collection is a classic yet bold interpretation of Japanese culture - the Ohpopdog way. 

Amalgamating elements of nature, history and pop culture, the collection tells a story of hope in a time when we’re learning about life beyond our own comfort zones. 

Lessons from the past, hopes for the future - it is in transit where we grow the most. 

We hope the Nihon Collection can be a guiding light on that journey.

Small: Neck: Fit neck from 28 – 33.5cm
Medium: Neck: Fit neck from 30 – 35.5cm
Large: Fit neck from 34cm – 43cm


100% Cotton

Share your bedtime stories! #ohpopdog

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