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Cocoyo Pee Pads are available:

33 x 45 cm - 100 pcs 

45 x 60 cm - 50 pcs

60 x 90 cm - 24 pcs

Pee pads are great for teaching potty training to your puppy. Always keep the pee pad in the same place so the little guy learns about going in the spots you designate. You can even walk your puppy on a leash over to the pee pad as an introduction to walking outside for outdoor potty breaks!

You can also use pee pads as an alternative to needing to take your dog outside during cold or stormy weather. Some small dogs (like Chihuahuas) are very susceptible to cold and should have a place to use the bathroom indoors if it gets too frigid or rainy outside. Dogs that are recovering from illness or injury can also make use of pee pads.

Doggyfriend has plenty of pee pads and pet sheets so you can always give your pup a safe, clean area indoors to use the bathroom, whether as part of training, avoiding weather, or helping recover from health issues.

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