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PROMO! Cocoyo Pet Sheet Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

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Pee Pad
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Buy 2packs (any size) & get 1 free!

Cocoyo Pee Pad easy indoor/outdoor toilet training.

Frustrated by your puppy peeing everywhere? Or a male dog with marking issues? Or an old dog that is losing control of its bowel? Perhaps a sick dog unable to move much? Cocoyo Pee Pads is here to help. 

Cocoyo Pee Pads are heavy duty, highly absorbent and specially treated to have anti-bacterial properties. The pee pads also have a waterproof bottom and tightly sealed on all 4 sides to ensure that no leakage occurs.

Cocoyo Pee Pads are available 33 x 45 cm 100pcs

                                                    45 x 60 cm 50pcs

                                                    60 x 90 cm 24pcs

Highly Recommended.

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