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Pet Toothbrush
Pet Toothbrush

Pet Toothbrush

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Made in Japan
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Pet Toothbrush

Made in Japan

Specialises in Pets & Human Toothbrushes. 

Available in Giraffe, Molar or 2 in 1(Random Colours will be dispatched.) 

Giraffe RRP $7
It has a miniature head packed with ultrasoft bristles at high density. 
This allows you to brush in smaller, harder-to-reach areas like inner teeth with higher precision. 
Soft brush do not hurt their soft gum easily. Suitable for small/medium dogs and cats.
Head length 15mm | Total length 162mm
Colour - Pink, Blue, White (Given randomly)

Molar RRP $8
This special toothbrush has a small, dome-shaped tuft and short, soft filaments. 
The stable handle and dense, firm tuft make this brush ideal for precision cleaning of difficult to reach areas.
The toothbrush is suitable for cleaning along the gum line and back teeth.
It is also ideal for brushing pet's molars. Good to use on pets who don’t open their mouth well as the head is small. 
Loved by many cat owners in Japan & Korea. 

Head length 5mm | Total length 167mm
Colour - Grey, Blue, Green, Pink (Given randomly)

2 in 1 RRP $10
The combination of 2 different types of bristles into 1 toothbrush makes it possible to brush your pet teeth more easily and effectively. 
It’s great for removing plaque from the periodontal pocket, between teeth or back side of teeth where a normal toothbrush cannot reach. 
Good for small and medium dogs and cats. The brush is a little tougher than our signature giraffe brush.

Head length 12mm | Total length 168mm
Colour - White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink (Given randomly)

We recommend to use two different brushes together for maximise the effective of brushing.

Giraffe + molar
Giraffe + 2 in 1

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