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Pets Agree Odour Remover Bamboo Charcoal
Pets Agree Odour Remover Bamboo Charcoal

Pets Agree Odour Remover Bamboo Charcoal

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Pet Odour Remover
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Many Asian civilizations have used charcoal for medicinal and healthy living purposes for centuries.
Wood charcoal has been used across the globe as fuel for cooking and industrial use, for water filtration and purification, and many other things.
Today, it's likely you have some type of charcoal filter in your faucet or air filtration system.

Most people think of charcoal as a fuel for barbecue grills, but grilling is just one of the many ways that charcoal can be used.
Charcoal for healthy living purposes is created by a special high-temperature heating process that removes non-carbon material from animal or plant matter.
This process of carbonization creates a product with the ability to absorb a wide range of chemicals, minerals, radio waves, and other harmful substances.

Why Bamboo Charcoal?
Because bamboo is a grass, when you cut down the stalks, it will re-grow from the existing root structure. That makes bamboo a very sustainable and environmentally friendly resource.

Additionally, Bamboo has a patented method for activating the bamboo charcoal that doubles the surface area to mass ratio over normal bamboo charcoal. That means it's more powerful and can absorb more toxins in your home.

Here are some of the unique benefits of bamboo charcoal:

Relaxation Effect
-- Releases negative ions to balance positive ones emitted from modern electronics in the home. Balancing out the ions in your living environment relieves tension, stress, anxiety and helps you feel relaxed and refreshed.

-- Bamboo charcoal can absorb the odors from all over the house, and can even prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Hair and Skin Care
-- By placing bamboo charcoal in an inner layer lay of pillows and bedding, it can help regulate the humidity in your bed and absorb sweat and other chemicals your body emits normally during rest.

Far-Infrared Ray Effect
-- Bamboo charcoal emits far-infrared rays. Often called the rays of life, they can warm up your body temperature to promote blood circulation, speed up the metabolism and encourage cell growth.

Antibacterial and Anti-poison Effect
-- Charcoal has been used for medicinal purposes for many centuries. Records indicate that charcoal was used to adsorb toxic, harmful and poisonous substances.

Pets Agree Odour Remover Sachets -- Sachets contain an inner layer of activated bamboo carbon that helps control allergens, bacteria and viruses to promote an ideal environment for sleeping and relaxing.

*All Pets Agree Odour Remover are in Sachets form
Available in 100g, 500g & 1000g.

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