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[Purchase with Purchase with any DRY Dog Food] Stella & Chewy's Mixer 3.5oz at $9.90!

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Dog Food
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Get A Pack Of Stella & Chewy's Mixer 3.5oz At Only $9.90 With ANY Brand Of DRY DOG FOOD Purchased! 
*Limited To Only 1 Pack Per Order
One Simple Scoop Of Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers Is All It Takes To Turn Your Dog's Everyday Kibble Into Awesome Raw Nutrition!

Why do you need Stella Chewy Mixer? 
Try it, if you have a furkid with:
1. Decreased appetite / Picky eaters
2. Allergies
3. Overweight / Underweight
4. Sensitive Stomach
5. Itchy Skins / Hot Spots
6. Kidney / Liver / Renal / Heart Issues
7. Dental Issues
How can Stella & Chewy's help in any of the above symptoms?
Stella & Chewy's meat-based recipes also have the raw scent & flavour that dogs & cats crave. 
It can easily be added to any of the dog's current diet to increase palatability & nutrition. Just top it over the dry food! 
All Stella & Chewy's recipes are grain-free, yeast free, gluten free, dairy free & nut free.
Single protein recipes also mean it contains fewer allergy-triggering ingredients, which is great for dogs with allergies.
Stella & Chewy's recipes is pure & nuutrient-dense. 
This means no unnecessary carbohydrates & it has appropriate balances of proteins & fats that will help dogs & cats maintain healthy weights.
Stella & Chewy's have added probiotics support that supports proper gut flora (bacteria).
With natural source of fiber - including raw ground bone & pumpkin seed, it's suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
Stella & Chewy's cooling proteins (rabbit, duck, & cod) can help to ease itching & hot spots by working within the body to reduce the inflammation.
Vet approved Stella & Chewy's recipes for kidney, liver, renal & heart issues as it contains the appropriate macro & micro nutrients to meet the nutritional needs for the majority of dogs & cats health issues. 
When rehydrated, Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried foods allow for easy consumption for cats & dog with missing teeth or sensitive mouths. 
The natural enzymes & raw ground bone work both chemically & physically on the teeth to keep them clean & healthy
With all these good points, what are you still waiting for? 
Get a bag of 3.5oz at only $9.90 (UP. $14.90) for a limited time!
Watch your doggy Thank you for it with their tail wagging!

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