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Pure Paws Black Magic Shampoo
Pure Paws Black Magic Shampoo

Pure Paws Black Magic Shampoo

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Pet Shampoo and Conditioner
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Black Magic Shampoo by Pure Paws 16 oz.

Black Magic is true blackening shampoo. 

It is a semi permanent color, with a plant derived surfactant base. This blackening shampoo will not dry out and damage the coat! Black Magic adds shine, controls frizz and prevents tangles!! 

This is a FANTASTIC product! You can always go back and re-bathe to get the blacks blacker. 

Remember that every coat type has a different porosity and will absorb differently.

Low Thermal Conductivity
High Refractive Index
Protects Delicate Keratins
Adds Gloss & Shine

Dilution: Drop Coats: 8 to 1, Double Coats: 12 to 1, Harsh Coats: 16 to 1

Tip: If you want to protect the tan or other colors, apply our Terrier Touch Kholesterol strong to the tan portions prior to applying Black Magic Shampoo and use the new black magic conditioner to lock the colors in. Do this application weekly until you are at the shade of black you wish to be.

Black Magic Sealer or Black Magic Conditioner is used with Black Magic Shampoo for fixing the color.

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