1. Rabbit Diet Premium

Rabbit Diet Premium

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2.4 kg

Real taste and scent of the natural fruits including grape, strawberry and blueberry to enhance the test of the diet, resulting in better appetite. 

The multi vitamins from real juice will help to increase the natural immune system for rabbits. 

High fiber formula to maintain the intestinal system and prevent hairball formation. Balance calcium and phosphorus to reduce the possibility of bladder stone formation.

Ingredients: Corn, wheat brain, soybean meal, full fat soy bean, alfalfa, rice, soybean hull, leucaena meal, salt, yucca extract, strawberry extract, blue berry extract, grape flavour, antioxidants, artificial coloring, vitamin A acetate, menadione sodium bisulfate, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin 5 phosphate sodium, pyridoxide hyrochloride, vitamin B12, supplement, ascorbic acid, nicotinic acid, chlorine chloride, calcium D pantothenate, zinc oxide, ferrous sulfate, selenium, copper sulfate, folic acid

Nutritional Analysis: 
Protein 18.0% Fat 2.5% Fiber 16.0% Moisture 10.0% Calcium 0.9% Phosphorus 0.7%

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