1. Rawhide Munchy Dumbells
Rawhide Munchy Dumbells
Plaited Rawhides

Rawhide Munchy Dumbells

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6pcs per pack
Rawhide Munchy Dumbells Easy To Grab And Even Easier To Love
Rawhide Munchy Dumbells Are Crunchy Rawhide Bars, Dipped At The Ends In Real, Mouthwatering Duck or Lamb.
Total Chewing Satisfaction!
· A Natural, Wholesome Snack
· Toothsome Tips And Irresistible Texture Encourage Dogs To Keep On Chewing
· Munchy Rawhide Bar Cleans Teeth, Massages Gums And Promotes Healthy, Positive Chewing Behavior
· Comfortable To Grab And Carry,
Great For Small Or Medium Sized Dogs
Item Size: 3” Each (approx.)
Can my dog chew such a hard rawhide?

When collagen in the skin dries out, it becomes stiff. As your dog chews a rawhide treat, the saliva produced while chewing moistens and softens rawhide. Before it becomes so soft that small pieces can be bitten off, there has been intensive, grating contact between the rawhide chew and your dog's teeth. This way, rawhide chew functions as an effective "appetising toothbrush". It is widely known that food remaining in the mouth not only causes bad breath, but also dental plaque. In turn, this dental plaque is responsible for the tartar that can become so serious that it affects the gums as well, the result being sore teeth and loosing them.

Foreign rawhide is often sun parched while US beef-hide is oven dried to prevent overdrying. Smooth shiny areas on a chew are a sign of heat breakdown indicating an extremely hard area that the dog may not be able to soften.

When deciding on the chew item you'd like to give your dog, first take a look at his chewing habits. Would you consider your dog to be an aggressive chewer, a semi-aggressive chewer, or a light chewer?

Aggressive chewers can polish off some rawhides in record time. It is recommended to provide them with compressed and knotted rawhide bones. They would provide the greatest chewing satisfaction and are the best value for you.

Semi-aggressive chewers enjoy a good chew now and then, but they won't demolish a rawhide as fast and furiously as would an aggressive chewer. These dogs can handle any type of rawhide, from hard to soft, but the best for them would be knotted rawhides. These rawhides are softer than compressed rawhide, but will not come apart as easily as granulated bones.

Non-aggressive or very light chewers are less destructive and tend to exhibit more finesse when chewing. They take their time and enjoy every inch of their rawhide treats. These dogs can generally handle all different types of rawhide, but typically prefer a softer chew over a harder chew.

How often should I feed my dog rawhide bones?

Rawhide is not a food, but a safe chewable toy providing some important benefits. It is 80-85% protein, 10-12% fiber and moisture, and 1-2% fat. High in protein, low in fat, especially compared to pig ears and other pork skin products, and fewer calories per ounce than a typical dog biscuit. One or two hours of daily chewing is sufficient for dog. You should always make water available during and after the chewing activity.

If your dog enjoys chewing rawhide treats often, make sure he always has at least two or three rawhides to keep him busy. Providing variety makes the chewing more interesting. If your dog does not chew often, one or two rawhides may suffice. Infrequent chewers often leave a partially chewed rawhide and then lose interest. If this is the case with your dog, keep a fresh supply of new rawhides available to give every now and then. Infrequent chewers tend to enjoy softer rawhides.

Puppies tend to get themselves into a lot of trouble because they love to chew, chew, chew! Puppies need to chew to cut their new teeth and develop strong jaws. Do not punish a puppy for chewing. Instead, remove the inappropriate chew items and provide him with plenty of appropriate chew objects and change them regularly. Reward the puppy with verbal praise when he chews on his dog chews instead of household things. Puppies need soft rawhide chews to hold their interest. However, you should always supervise a puppy when chewing to make sure he is not chewing off large pieces that could get caught in his throat. Also, do not give a puppy large amounts of rawhide, as their digestive systems cannot handle protein excesses well.

Is rawhide safe for dogs and puppies?

One of the most commonly asked questions about rawhide chews is whether or not chewing rawhide is healthy and safe for dogs and puppies and if there are any dangers. A few years ago, one of the major medical schools in the USA conducted a laboratory test to answer this question. The results showed that in groups of test dogs, even in those fed rawhide three times a day, there were no ill effects. On the other hand, the chewing of rawhide had the beneficial effect of removing plaque from the animals' teeth and keeping them cleaner. This is significant because periodontal disease is a real problem in many adult dogs.

When giving rawhide, you should always supervise your dog, especially if you are not comfortable with his chewing habits. If your dog likes to chew a hunch of rawhide and try to swallow it, trim off the large softened pieces so they don't get caught in your dog's throat.

Dogs will swallow pieces of rawhide and these will pass easily through the digestive tract. Although choking or intestinal obstruction with rawhide is very rare, it could potentially occur and common-sense prevention measures should be taken. A dog and a rawhide chew should not be left alone together unsupervised. If your dog is a "gulper" who generally swallows large chunks of food or other items, remove the rawhide treat when it becomes small enough to swallow.

If your dog has gastrointestinal disease or is eating a therapeutic diet, you should consult your veterinarian before feeding any chews.

Do not give puppies large amounts of rawhide, as their digestive systems cannot handle protein excesses well.

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