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Rogz Fancy Dress Web Half Check
Rogz Fancy Dress Web Half Check - Armed Response (XL)

Rogz Fancy Dress Web Half Check

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Collars and Leashes
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Well, here it is pups, your very own zooty dress up and go, head-turning, 'check-me-out-babe' gear. Spoil your dog with a lead and harness to match his collar and he will certainly stand out in the pack.

We urge you to choose carefully and never spoil only one dog in the family - we do not want things to get out of control!

Collar SizesDog SizesNeck SizesWidth of Webbing
S (Jellybean)

Miniature Poodle; Chihuahua; Maltese; Pom; Yorkie


11mm | 3/8"
M (Scooter)

Maltese Poodle; Terrier; Jack Russell; Scotty; Pug

310 - 450mm

16mm | 5/8"
L (Beach Bum)Dalmation; Spaniel; Doberman; Boxer; Staffie400 - 600mm20mm | 3/4"
XL (Armed Response)Rotweiler; Great Dane; Ridgeback; Bouvier; Labrador500 - 700mm25mm | 1"

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