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Rogz Utility H-Harness
Rogz Utility H-Harness - Nitelife (S)

Rogz Utility H-Harness

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Collars and Leashes
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Reflective Webbing
Rogz reflective yarn is woven into the webbing to ensure that your pooch is as visible as a neon tuxedo at a corporate executive meeting.

Multi Lead SizesDog SizesLengthWidth of Webbing
S (Nitelife)

Miniature Poodle; Chihuahua; Maltese; Pom; Yorkie

Fully Adjustable

11mm | 3/8"
M (Snake)

Maltese Poodle; Terrier; Jack Russell; Scotty; Pug

Fully Adjustable

16mm | 5/8"
L (Fanbelt)Dalmation; Spaniel; Doberman; Boxer; Staffie

Fully Adjustable

20mm | 3/4"
XL (Lumberjack)Rotweiler; Great Dane; Ridgeback; Bouvier; Labrador

Fully Adjustable

25mm | 1"
XXL (Landing Strip)German Shepherd; St. Bernard; Bulldog; Bullmastif; Bouvier

Fully Adjustable

40mm | 1 5/8"

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