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Royal Canin Feline Kitten 85g x 12 pouches
Royal Canin Kitten pouch

Royal Canin Feline Kitten 85g x 12 pouches

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Comes in box of 12 x 85g pouches

Small tender chunks for 2nd age kittens aged 4 to 12 months
Also suitable for gestating queens

Nutrient preference
Kitten Instinctive has been perfectly formulated to match the optimal Macro Nutrient Profile instinctively preferred by 2nd age kittens

Easy chewing
The size and texture of the chunks are perfectly adapted to the kitten's jaws

Natural defence
Helps to support the kitten's natural defences thanks to mannan-oligo-saccharides and an antioxidant complex (vitamins E & C, taurine and lutein)

Ingredients: meat and animal derivatives, cereals, vegetables protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin, milk and milk derivatives, oils and fats, minerals, yeast.

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