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Royal Canin Maltese Adult Dry Dog Food
Royal Canin Maltese Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Maltese Adult Dry Dog Food

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Tailor-made Nutrition for Pure Breed dogs. An exclusive kibble for each breed: a concentration of scientific and nutritional expertise born from the unique knowledge of Royal Canin combined with the practical experience of breeders. ROYAL CANIN® BREED HEALTH NUTRITION® MALTESE ADULT dry dog food features a combination of nutrients to meet the unique needs of the pure breed Maltese adult.
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ROYAL CANIN MALTESE Dog food for Maltese over 10 months Available in 1.5kg Further Information Soft white long hair Borage oil and biotin help reveal and maintain the Maltese's soft and shiny coat. Maltese 24 is an exclusive formula designed to promote a bright white coat thanks to an adapted content of Omega 3 (EPA/DHA) and Omega 6 fatty acids. Stool and odour reduction Helps reduce the volume and odour of the stools. Dental health The kibble's shape and texture are designed to encourage the Maltese to chew, which helps limit dental plaque deposits. Contains sodium polyphosphate to help support dental health. Satisfies fussy appetites Satisfies the fussiest appetites thanks to a combination of exceptional flavours.

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