Royal Canin Medium Adult +7
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Royal Canin Medium Adult +7

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Medium-sized dogs frequently live to the age of 14 or 15 years. From the age of 7 years, a correct diet can slow the effects of aging.

When changing your pet's diet, gradually mix food over a 5-7 day period, increasing daily the amount of new food added so that 100% of the new food will be provided to the pet by day seven.

For adult dogs, food may be served right from the bag or moistened with warm water, if desired. Always remember to provide your pet with clean, fresh water at all times. For your pet's health, see your veterinarian regularly.

This is only a guide. Optimal feeding amounts may vary with age, temperament, activity level and environment.

Slows the effects of aging by means of a reduced phosphorus content to preserve kidney function, a still high protein content (25%) to prevent muscle wastage and vitamins E (500 mg/kg) and C (200 mg/kg) for cell protection.

Ensures optimal assimilation of the food by means of very high quality proteins, dietary fibers (fructo-oilgosaccharides and sugar beet pulp) to control intestinal transit and rice for digestive security.

Nourishes the coat and protects the skin by means of sulfur-containing amino acids (methionine and cystine) for hair construction, omega 6 fatty acids especially derived from borage oil to maintain a glossy coat, zinc, folic acid and vitamins A and B for a healthy skin.

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