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Sanabelle Kitten Dry Cat Food
Sanabelle Kitten Dry Cat Food

Sanabelle Kitten Dry Cat Food

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Sanabelle Kitten+ delivers high quality protein packed in the gluten-free kibble with great taste. Rich in natural chondroitin and glucosamine to support and maintain bone cartilage. Energy rich with high nutrient density.
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Sana Belle Kitten ensures due to its above-nutrient density for optimal growth and adolescent kitten, the increased nutrient requirements for the education fetuses in pregnant and lactating dairy education in cats.

0 - 1 years
for adolescent cats and supporting / säugende cats

Growth & Development
Sana Belle Kitten supported because of its outstanding quality protein in conjunction with nutrient density above the optimal development adolescent cats.
The extensive set of vitamins and trace elements to strengthen the defence force and promote the vitality of adolescent cats.

Water 10.00%
Crude Protein 34.00%
Crude fat 21.50%
Rohfaser 2.00%
Crude ash 7.00%
Calcium 1.10%
Phosphorus 0.95%
Magnesium 0.07%

Addictives per kg:
Vitamin A 25,000 IU
Vitamin D 3 1,500 IU
Vitamin E 600 mg
Copper mg (as copper (II) sulphate, pentahydrate 10 mg
Taurine 2,000 mg
with antioxidant EC Addictives

Poultry meat meal, corn, barley, animal fat, liver flour, greaves (dried), fish meal, Fleischhydrolysat, meat, flour, whole (dried), dried beet pulp, linseed, yeast (dried), fish oil, potassium chloride, cranberries (dried), blueberries (dried), shellfish meat meal , Chicoreepulver, marigold blossom (dried), yucca extract.

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