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Sanabelle Light For Overweight Cats Dry Cat Food
Sanabelle Light For Overweight Cats Dry Cat Food

Sanabelle Light For Overweight Cats Dry Cat Food

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Sanabelle Light+ delivers high quality protein packed in the gluten-free kibble with great taste. Rich in natural chondroitin and glucosamine to support and maintain bone cartilage. Reduced energy & higher dietary fiber for optimal weight control.
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Sanabelle Light Cat Food, especially suitable for overweight cats (> 1 year old), reduced caloric content, an increased amount of dietary fiber leaves your cat feeling full and satisfied.

Sanabelle Light is a reduced calorie, complete diet for cats, who, due to reduced activity or recent castration, tend to become overweight. The rich amount of dietary fiber ensures your cat a feeling of satisfaction and a gradual, gentle weight reduction. This reduces stress on the muscles, joints, bones, and circulation.

Obesity is a result of excess energy in the diet. The actual energy need of your cat depends on a myriad of factors, including hormones, disposition, activity, temperament, breed, age, sex, living conditions etc.

We urge your as a cat owner to monitor closely your cat to prevent obesity. Should your cat be already overweight, then his/her daily caloric intake must be limited in order to lose approx. 2% of his/her weight every week.

When your cat has achieved an ideal weight, you should be able to easily feel with your fingers his/her individual ribs under a thin layer of fat, but should not be able to see them with your eyes. From above you should be able to recognize the waist directly behind the ribs. When your cat is overweight, it will be difficult or impossible to feel individual ribs with your fingers. You will be able to feel a thick layer of fat, your cat's waist will not be visible or may even possibly curve outwards. An overweight cat will also carry an obvious layer of fat around the chest and gut.

Sanabelle Light Cat Food Benefits:

Important natural anti-oxidants like vitamin C and E as well as the trace element Selen protect body cells against metabolic by-products and slow the aging process
Your Pet's water intake and excretion is supported naturally by the specially developed "Water-Transit-Agent" to prevent kidney stones and other kidney health issues.
High Content of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in combination with an especially effective organic Zinc-compound (Chelat)ensure healthy skin and a full coat and supports your cat's vitality by strengthening his/her natural resistance to disease.
Due to the addition of that contain natural Saponins, the odor from your cat's waste will be minimized. That will increase your cat's nutrient acceptance and encourage the growth of Gut Flora.
Certain plant fiber in Sanabelle minimize the formation of hairballs and make it possible for hairballs to pass through the digestive track unhindered.
A effective combinations of special vitamins support your pet's natural eye sight and helps prevent sight loss due to aging.
Sanabelle sets itself apart due to its superior digestibility. This allows your cat to absorb more nutrients and energy from less food. Smaller proportions of food equal smaller amounts of waste.
Due to the carefully selected, high-quality raw materials, Sanabelle is exceptionally tasty and can be fed to cats used to canned food. Experienced breeders and owners continue to corroborate this.
Due to intense and original research and development, the close collaboration with accredited academic institutions and last, but not least, the cooperation with successful breeders and experienced cat owners, Sanabelle has proudly created an innovative, balanced, premium dry food for cats. In Sanabelle you'll find only carefully selected ingredients, that passed through stringent quality control during their manufacture. For this reason Sanabelle uses the highest quality animal protein such as chicken and eggs and no meat meal. And, of course, Sanabelle contains absolutely no artificial coloring, flavoring, or attractants. Sanabelle is also produced without genetically altered organisms.

ground poultry, corn, barley, rice, ground liver, ground fish, meat hyrolysate, cellulose fiber, ground meat, dried egg, lard, flax, dried beet pulp, yeast, fish oil, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, lingonberry, blueberry, ground mussel meat, chicory powerder, marigold blossom, yucca extract.

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