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Sanabelle Senior
Sanabelle Senior

Sanabelle Senior

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Sanabelle Senior

+ 8 years
for older cats (from 8 years of age)

Sanabelle Senior is especially adapted to the requirements of older cats (from 8 years of age). The reduced content of energy, protein and minerals and the higher content of special fibres (crude fibre) means Sanabelle Senior supports changed intestinal conditions and the specific metabolism of older cats.

The combination of special vitamins (e.g. vitamin A, vitamin E) in Sanabelle Senior nutritionally support eye sight and protect the bodies cells against aging.

Fresh poultry meat meal, maize, barley, rice, animal fat, liver (dehydrated), fish meal, hydrolysed meat, cellulose fibres, fresh meat meal, powdered egg (dehydrated), greaves (dehydrated), beet pulp (sugar removed), linseed, yeast (dehydrated), fish oil, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, cranberry (dehydrated), bilberry (dehydrated), mussel powder (NZ) green lipped mussel extract max. 0.25 % (nutritionally supports formation and function of cartilage), chicoree powder, blooms of marigold (dehydrated), yucca extracts (dehydrated).


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