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Schesir Canned Chicken with Potatoes
Schesir Canned Chicken with Potatoes

Schesir Canned Chicken with Potatoes

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Only hormone-free chicken and fish caught from the open seas are used to make these foods for your furry friend, and are then carefully selected, steam-cooked and hand processed.
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In 1991,with the distribution of schesir in the specialised chain,Agras Delic created a new market segment that remains right at the top of quality available:the "natural"option for cats and dogs. food that is free from preservatives and colourings,produced using only the best parts of meat and fish,treated only using natural procedures:tuna fished in the open sea and the meat obtained from controlled,hormone-free farms,of the same quality as that used for human consumption. the chicken and fish fillets are therefore immediately visible once the package is opened.the processing involved,ranging from the carful cleaning through to the steam cooking and hand-filleting ,guarantee that nutrients remain intact and the food is easily digested and extraordinarily appetising. 

chicken 45% (of which fillets 20%, gizzards 13%, hearts 8%, livers 4%), potatoes 5%, rice 3%, carrots 2%, minerals. 
NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES/KG: Vit. A 1650 U.I., vit. D3 180 U.I., vit. E 10 mg. 
ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS AND Kcal/Kg: protein 10%, crude oils and fats 2%, crude fibres 0,5%, crude ash 2%, moisture 83%.

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