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Schesir Canned Tuna and Papaya Fruit Dinner Cat Food
Schesir Canned Tuna and Papaya Fruit Dinner Cat Food

Schesir Canned Tuna and Papaya Fruit Dinner Cat Food

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Schesir Fruit Dinners are a newly introduced range of nutritious complimentary food for cats, with six distinctive flavours each containing different fruits.
Part Number: SC-C350
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High quality wet food for adult cats. Delicious fillets and scrumptious fruit unite in the excellent quality of all Schesir products

Schesir distinguishes itself not only through the appetising taste of its selected ingredients but also through providing a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Rich in exclusive components, the fruit in Schesir Fruit cat food naturally adds vitamins and nutrients which help to stimulate the immune system, prevent cell ageing and promote digestion.

Continuation of Product Description: 

Apples are low in protein and fat and contain plenty of pectin, vitamin B and bioflavonoides, which have an anti-ageing effect. 
Pineapple has an anti-inflammatory effect, thanks to the enzyme bromelin. 
Papaya is rich in antioxidant vitamins and minerals. It also contains a special enzyme which facilitates digestion of protein.
Produced using sophisticated techniques under strict controls in order to produce the highest quality products and exceptionally appetising food.

Schesir Fruit is a supplementary feed for adult cats!

Feeding recommendations:
Schesir Fruit is a supplementary meal.

You are recommended to feed your cat 2 cans per day in combination with Schesir wet and/or dry food. Fresh water should always provided and food is best served at room temperature. Opened cans should be stored in the fridge and food consumed within 48 hours.

COMPOSITION: Tuna 38%, papaya 4%, rice 2%. 
ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS AND Kcal/Kg: Protein 10,5%, crude oils and fats 0,2%, crude fibre 0,1%, crude ash 1,5%, moisture 84,5%.

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