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Shed-X Shed Control Conditioner / Comprehensive Solution

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Shed-X Shed Control Conditioner is formulated with veterinarians to infuse the skin and coat with essential amino acids, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, vitamins A, D and E, and antioxidants. The rich formula also contains alpha hydroxyl acids, organic flaxseed oil, grape seed oil, aloe and DL panthenol. The Shed-X Shed Control Comprehensive Solution reduces shedding, dander and allergens in both dogs and cats, promotes healthy skin and coat and leaves it looking soft and shiny.

After shampooing with Shed-X™ Shed Control Shampoo, apply conditioner generously and massage deep into coat to saturate skin. Allow to remain on pet for several minutes. Rinse well. When dry, brush thoroughly to remove loosened fur.

As part of the Shed-X Shed Control Comprehensive Solution, are two new additions to the lineup: Shed-X™ Shampoo and Shed-X™ Conditioner. Top seller Shed-X™ Dermaplex™ is proven to eliminate excessive shedding in 2-4 weeks while providing optimum coat and skin conditioning for dogs and cats. Along with its new packaging, the Shed-X Comprehensive Solutions line educates consumers by listing all vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids with benefits for the pet cited for each one.

Purified water, polyquaternium-37, cetrimoium chloride, DMDM-hydantoin, fragrance, grapeseed oil, organic flaxseed oil, dl-panthenol, tetrasoldium EDTA, vitamin E, oat protein, wheat protein, green tea extract, alpha hydroxyl, vitamin A & D, aloe vera, FD&C yellow #5 and FD&C red #40.

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