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Singapaw Pack

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On sale S$57.11 S$49.00
Retail Price:S$69.20
Your Savings:S$20.20(29%)
Value for money, exclusive items, bundle pack!
Part Number: DFSPP
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Each pack is valued close to $70 but you only need to pay $49!

Each Pack contains: 

1 x Freeze Dry Australia Treat 
(Beef Hearts, Chicken Hearts, Lamb Hearts, Kangaroo Liver, Kangaroo Ribs or Kangaroo Tail Disc)
1 x Woosh Wipes 20pcs
1 x Whimzees 2pcs pack (Toothbrush XS, Stix XS or Alligator Small)
1 x Original Hello Kitty Bib (Yellow, White or Green)
1 x Dogs Love Kale Sweet TarTar Biscuit

Hurry get yours now!

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