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Siso Play Nosework Pocket Toy
Siso Play Nosework Pocket Toy

Siso Play Nosework Pocket Toy

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Fun, interactive dog toys. Handmade in Korea.
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1pcs at $16.90

Nosework Pocket

Handmade in KOREA!

Length of string: 1.4m

Available in:
Banana, Strawberry & Coffee

Have a bored furkid? Running out of new toy ideas to entertain your pooch?

Why not give this Nosework Pocket a try? 

Just put snack into the pocket toy. Your pooch will start to use their nose to sniff out the location of the snack & reward themselves by eating it after they take it out! 

When they pull out the snack, the long string will also be revealed. When pulled, the maximum length will go to 1.4m long! Adding more excitement & fun for your pooch!

With this toy, their concentration & indoor activity level goes UP!

It'll help reduce separation anxiety when they are playing with the toy, even when they are alone. Just give them this toy with the hidden snacks! 

*Not suitable for aggressive chewers!

What's so special about SisoPlay Nosework toys?

SisoPlay Nosework toys make use of the dog's olfactory capabilities to destress & improves concentration. 
It helps to reduce separation anxieties, relieves monotony & provides much-needed exercise. 

It's especially useful for raining days when the dogs cannot go out to play. 

Test your dog's coordination skills with the Nosework toys. 

Siso play Interactive hide-and-seek Dog Toy!

Once you teach your pup to "snack" out the Toy’s hole, they'll be begging you to put more snacks back again and again for hours of fun.
Dog's love to bury their noses into the toy and dig out the snack.

Interactive hide-and-seek toy designed to engage and entertain your dog for hours of fun!
?? Add treats to make playtime more enticing!

Benefits of Nosework toys:
  1.   It will improve your dog’s IQ
  2.  They provide much-needed exercise. 
  3. They alleviate boredom. 
  4. They help prevent anxiety. 
  5. They help with weight management. 
  6. They keep puppies out of trouble. 
  7. They help prevent dementia in older pets. 
  8. They’re fun!

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