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Skull & Bone Pirate Treasure Bag

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Welcome to the New World Order!

Skull and Bones pirates are busy raiding merchant ships to fill our DOGGYFRIEND treasure bags with premium goodies...

Filled with premium treats, tasty can foods and entertaining toys, the boys @ the Skull & Bones guarantees these treasure bags are worth a minimum of S$40.00 for woof woof and S$25.00 for meow meow...

Surprise your furry kids with new and exciting products, inside a light, portable cooler bag with sling handle for easy transportation!

Size of treasure bag:
33cm x 33cm x 23cm

To share a part of this loot, you must undergo an initiation ritual...

You have to buy 

1. S$80.00  of Wellness dog food products
2. S$60.00 of Wellness cat food products

Disclaimer: This is just for fun...no actual pirates are employed by us to fill up these treasure bags...

The premium items inside the treasure bags are overstocked items in our warehouse and we hope your furry kids will love them...

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