Easy Raw Feeding for Cats and Dogs with Stella & Chewy's Pet Foods


You go out of your way to provide the best possible life for your furry family members. They're basically your kids — and they have toys, beds, accessories, and plenty of love just for them. So why shouldn't their food be just as carefully chosen?

Animals and people are similar in more ways than we're different, and it's true for all species that a big part of our general health and well-being comes from the quality of nutrition we take in. Raw foods are beneficial because they retain more nutrients, since some are very delicate and break down easily when cooked or processed. Raw diets are popular for humans, with numerous health benefits, even though we've adjusted over thousands of years to cook our food. So it stands to reason that cats and dogs will benefit even more than we do from a raw diet, as their bodies are still mostly unchanged from those of their wild ancestors.

Dogs and cats are both carnivores with demanding nutritional needs. Cats, especially, will not thrive without meat-based nutrition as their bodies cannot synthesize certain nutrients on their own. Both species will supplement their diets with various plant materials, both to help with digestion and to meet their nutritional needs, but meat is vital. It's already not easy to duplicate a dog or cat's natural diet at home, and the idea of raw feeding seems even more difficult. Pet parents who want to feed raw diets to their beloved fur children are often turned away by the idea of feeding so much raw meat — it's messy, it doesn't keep well, and not everyone has easy access to it. Besides, how can you be sure your pet is actually getting their optimal nutrition?

This is where raw pet foods come in, and standing at the head of the line is Stella & Chewy's.

What Makes Stella & Chewy's Special?

Stella & Chewy's pet foods make it easy to feed your dog or cat a raw diet by offering a variety of freeze-dried and other minimally-processed recipes, all from naturally-sourced, sustainable ingredients. All animal protein sources are farm-raised in cage-free environments or wild-caught.

Freeze Dried Dog Food

For dogs, freeze-dried meat patties can be given as-is or rehydrate with warm water, while Meal Mixers (also freeze-dried) can be added to any meal. Raw Coated Kibble is lightly baked for a great shelf-life with minimal processing, providing an extremely healthful dry dog food. All recipes are almost entirely meat (90%-95%), with the only added ingredients being chosen for their health benefits and never for filler. Stella & Chewy's dog food comes in several gourmet flavors including lamb, chicken, whitefish, and pheasant.

Freeze-dried Gourmet Cat Kibble

For cats and their even stricter dietary requirements, Stella & Chewy's cat food bears a minimum of 98% meat. These freeze-dried gourmet recipes have no filler ingredients and are formulated to provide cats with the best nutrition available, including the all-important taurine, an amino acid crucial to feline health. Protein sources (and flavors) include chicken, duck, goose, turkey, salmon, cod, and rabbit.

Stella & Chewy's provides complete, raw nutrition for your best furry friend, so not only will your dog or cat feel great and be healthier, you'll also see improvements in their energy levels, skin and coat, dental health, and more. We're proud to carry Stella & Chewy's at Doggy Friend and we think your pets will love eating just the way Nature intended!

Stella & Chewy's Raw Coated Kibble