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TU MeKe Friend Treats
TU MeKe Friend Treats

TU MeKe Friend Treats

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Zeal Free Range Naturals Spare Ribs Dog Treats are 100% pure natural New Zealand beef treats for dogs. An excellent chew with lots of meat and red marrow, soft bones from calves.
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Tumeke Friend Treats
(Usual $19.50)

Tu Meke (“Too-meh-keh”) is a Maori phrase we use here in New Zealand when a friend does something awesome. 
So when your pet does an epic trick and deserves a treat what do you say?

Choose From:

Air Dried:
Beef Padywack 100g
Beef Liver Strips 100g
Venison Paddywack 100g
Beef Oxtail 100g
Beef Jerky 100g
Ovine Tripe 100g
Veal Neck 125g
Veal Brisket 100g
Lamb Puffs 80g
Lamb Chews 80g
Veal Ribs 125g
Venison Chews 60g

Air Dried Gourmet:
Lamb & Mackerel 150g
Beef 150g
Salmon 120g (Cat Treat)
Venison 120g (Cat Treat)

These premium tasty treats make perfect rewards for when your pooch pulls off the perfect trick or even just does what they are told. They are high in protein, low in fat and their chewiness makes them great for your dog’s dental health.


Raised on natural pasture farms


Quality lean meat to keep your pet fit


Packed with protein for healthy pets


Only what your petwas born to eat

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