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Teun Teun Gymball
Teun Teun Gymball

Teun Teun Gymball

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Introducing Teun Teun Gymball, a dog patella dislocation prevention & exercise equipment.
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Gymabb x 1 + Holder x 1 (1 Set)
Get a set @ $120 only!  (Limited stocks available)

*Holder: Supports the equipment for beginners & high-level movement!
*Furkids who are larger can use TWO gymballs for all four paws to position and train their core muscles. 

Teun Teun Gymball is the most popular Home gym equipment for pets in Korea.

It’s made with vets who specialized in Animal Rehabilitation.

Teun Teun Gymball’s specially designed to strengthen the dog’s muscles and has a Pet-friendly structure.

Dogs keep their balance on Teun Teun Gymball which is helpful to strengthen the dog’s core and legs muscles.

Build your dog’s muscle only for 5 minutes of training a day.

Teun Teun Gymball, a dog patella dislocation prevention & exercise equipment.

Each Gymball comes with a hand pump.

The sturdy gym ball is a specially designed dog muscle strengthening exercise device.

Its stiff body engineering structure helps strengthen the dog's core and leg muscles through the process of balancing the ball using the elasticity of the ball.

No surgery is required, but if you have been diagnosed with a patellar stage 1 or higher, treatment is possible through rehabilitation exercises for the purpose of strengthening muscle strength.

-It can prevent the patella dislocation of the dog from worsening.
-Used for rehabilitation after surgery for various joint diseases such as patella dislocation of dogs.
-The easiest exercise equipment to do at home with a caregiver.
-Specially manufactured optimized material that delivers uniform vibration
-Artiburst function is installed.
-It is not easily damaged due to the structure's heavyweight.

[How to use]

If this is your first time doing core exercise:

Tighten the air pressure in the sturdy gym ball.

Place a blanket or mat under the sturdy gym ball so that you can feel as little shaking as possible.

Place your pet on the gym ball & lure them with their favourite snack to help maintain focus and to stay on the gym ball.

Hold on to the Gym ball with the knee so that the dog can slowly learn to adapt to standing on it.

Gradually adjust your support on the gym ball & let go till the pet can stand on it by itself. 

The more shaking (of pet on the gym ball), the more multiplied the exercise effect it has.

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