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Uno Doggo Roo Tendons 250g

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High quality dog treats with ingredient only & made in Australia!
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Uno Doggo's Natural Dog Treats are dehydrated treats and sourced from Australian butchers.

Air-dried, goodness sealed in, moisture removed.

Uno Doggo's 100% Natural Dog Treats come from recognisable parts of the animal that you and I know of. It is air dried over days to leave an even moisture content that is shelf stable (nobody likes mouldy treats eh?). 

During this regulated process, no preservatives, additives, fillers, chemicals, sprays or colourings are added. 

Only water is removed.

Uno Doggo's Kangaroo meat treats are highly palatable to 99% of dogs. 

Even the fussiest of dogs cannot resist the smell and taste of Kangaroo meat-based treats. 

Uno Doggo's Kangaroo Tendon is the perfect chewy treat for your pup. Keep your pup entertained with this delicious and healthy treat! 

Our Australian free range Kangaroos are high in protein and low in fat not to mention high in Omega-3 which means it is a treat that is healthy for the heart!  

• Only one ingredient - 100% quality meat, 100% natural & nothing else!
• Hypoallergenic properties
• High in antioxidants & Omega-3, good for the heart (to love you more!)
• Easily broken into smaller pieces. perfect treat for training!

Slightly over 250g of 100% Australian Kangaroo

Typical Analysis:

Crude Protein


Crude Fat


Crude Fibre




ME (Metabolisable Energy)

313 kcal/100 g


Ingredient of Australia
Manufactured in Australia

Feeding Guide:

As much as your beloved doggo loves our treats, please feed with a dash of common sense. You wouldn't want to be eating your favourite dish everyday, would you? 
Uno Doggo's Natural Dog Treats are not meant as a complete diet - please feed in moderation.

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