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Vitakraft Emotion Beauty for Guinea Pigs
Vitakraft Emotion Beauty for Guinea Pigs

Vitakraft Emotion Beauty for Guinea Pigs

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Emotion Functional Beauty is not only the optimal nutrition with added benefits, but also increases in beauty for your guinea pig! Essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, for healthy skin and coat.

Tasty and delicious parsley aufgepoppte wheat grains are combined with crisp extrudates with high quality ingredients all have a positive effect on the animals. Of course the all important extra dose of vitamin C for guinea pigs should not be missed. A special natural compound also reduces feces and urine smell in the guinea pig home. A chuck for highest demands!

Omega 3 + Omega 6 essential fatty acids Valuable support a healthy skin and coat
Odour Stop: With anti-odor complex
Hair: With sunflower oil for shiny coat
Dental: With crude fiber for healthy teeth
Immune Activision: Aloe Vera Gel strengthens the immune system
For all guinea pigs
Functional blend the latest scientific findings
Developed by veterinarians and rodent experts
Arthritis, high quality, balanced
With minerals, natural vitamins, protein and energy
Plus extra helping of vitamin C
Sugar-free Recipe
Free from artificial flavorings
No artificial preservatives
Fresh flavor packed

Vegetable by-products, Cereals (wheat, puffed 3%), Vegetables, Parsley, dried 4.2%, Fruits, Oils and fats (sunflower oil 0.93%), Minerals, Aloe Vera dried 0.005%

Nutritional Analysis: 
Vitamin A (E672) 8173 IU, Vitamin D3 (E671) 869 IU, Vitamin C 337 mg, Selenium (E8) 0.188 mg, Iron (E1) 73.18 mg, Iodine (E2) 2:18 mg, Copper (E4) 8:33 mg, Manganese (E5) 44.26 mg, Zinc (E6) 38.83 mg, Cobalt (E3) 0.03 mg

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