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Vitakraft Sunseed Fresh World Bedding Pink

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Small Animal Food and Treats
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 Fresh World Bedding is a paper based litter made with baking soda for superior odor control. Independent lab results show it to have the best odor control and absorbency of any small animal bedding on the market today. 

Simply put, it lasts longer in the cage and keeps your pet dry and comfortable, while the pets home remains odor-free longer. 

Made from recycled newspapers and magazines, 

Fresh World Bedding is effective and earth friendly. 

The paper used to produce Fresh World comes from a community recycling program in which non-profit organizations such as schools and are paid for collecting old newspapers and magazines.

Over 420 locations throughout Michigan have received in excess of $750,000 as part of the program.

Ingredients: Recycled paper.

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