Wellness Pet Food: Tasty Nutrition for Cats and Dogs


When choosing your pet's food, you always want to learn everything you can about your pet's nutritional needs and how you can meet them. Feeding the right food does a lot to help your best friend live a long and healthy life, and that's something every pet parent can get behind! In this article, we're going to talk about Wellness brand pet food, available from Doggyfriend, and explain what makes it so good for your pet.


Nutritional Needs

Wellness uses the combined knowledge of their team of veterinarians, animal nutrition experts, and food scientists to create delicious, healthful pet foods that will serve the dietary requirements of dogs and cats of all ages. Wellness dog food, Wellness cat food, and Wellness treats are all formulated with the same philosophy in mind; only to include the good ingredients and leave the fillers out. Grain-free formulas are available too, and even the treats are natural and healthful.

As carnivores, both dogs and cats need meat to achieve their best health, however, there are differences between the nutrients needed by dogs as opposed to those needed by cats. Both dog and cat foods from Wellness have been created with special care to meet these requirements. Some recipes include fruits and vegetables in addition to meat, in order to bring in some beneficial qualities that can be found in some fruits and veggies, but the food itself is primarily meat — and cats and dogs love it!


Life Stages

Dogs and cats both have varying nutritional needs as they progress through life, from puppies and kittens through adulthood and into their senior years. It's very important to feed them the right foods for their current life stage. Wellness offers several healthy foods for different pet age groups, so your best buddy will always have optimal nutrition, no matter his or her age.



Wellness pet foods come in various forms and flavors, including kibble, several types of canned food, cups, and packets containing shredded meal toppers. Feeding both wet and dry food is a great way to ensure your pet gets enough roughage and moisture. Occasionally you'll meet a dog or cat that doesn't like to drink from a dish, and in this case, wet food is very important.

There's a really broad selection of flavors, which is great if you have a pet who changes his or her mind all the time! You can find everything from beef liver to shrimp to turkey, salmon, chicken, lamb, duck, venison… enough choices to ensure that any pup or kitty in the world can find a favorite.

Doggyfriend is happy to carry Wellness pet food, the number one pet food in Singapore. It's also available in a select few other countries, but please contact us for details before ordering.