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West Paw Design Froggy Squeak Plush Toy
West Paw Design Doggy Froggy

West Paw Design Froggy Squeak Plush Toy

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Dyed ostrich feather squeaker toy that brings out your pet's natural pouncing instincts!
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When you kiss this frog, will he turn into a Prince?
No, but he will become your knight in shining armor when it captures the attention of your favorite little dog!

Out of our popular Grandma Adams collection comes, Doggy Froggy.
A miniature frog made with a long-lasting squeaker, recycled polyfill and soft corduroy fabric and designed to entertain your tiny pooch for hours!

Measures only 3.5”. Made in Montana, USA

About West Paw Design

Our Commitment to the Enviroment

"We're committed to Eco Friendly Pet Products" ~Spencer Williams, President West Paw Designrelated categories
Eco Friendly Dog Beds
Eco Friendly Dog Toys
West Paw Design's Sustainable Manufacturing.
At West Paw Design we believe in providing the best for your pet while balancing what is right for our environment. We search high and low for the best, most sustainable material there is to offer - we use recyclable and organic material in our bedding and toys.

Our commitment to the environment has guided us to continually strive to reduce our already minimized waste in our manufacturing process, and offer more environmentally friendly organic and sustainable products. We are able to provide quality hand-made toys and beds while keeping them durable and sophisticated. Using recycled material in our Zogoflex line lets us recycle old products back into new ones, without sacrificing any quality.

Recycled material is used throughout all of our beds and toys. We use premium 100% recycled IntelliLoft long-staple fill in all our plush beds. Made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, IntelliLoft is friendly to the environment without sacrificing our high quality standards. Our exclusive IntelliLoft fiber fill diverts over 25 tons of plastic bottles from landfills every year! Not only do we use recycled plastic bottles in our fill, we also offer stylish, durable Eco Friendly IntelliTex™ fabric in our Eco Mats and Toys. The fabric itself is made from 85% recycled post-consumer recycled plastic bottles – who knew soda pop bottles could be so soft?!

Organic products and services have become a large trend in today’s market – and West Paw Design is in the forefront for bringing organic cotton bedding and organic catnip to our four-legged friends. We offer pillow beds made from cotton that has been grown free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers and all of our cat toys feature U.S. grown organic catnip – offering a healthy alternative for your best friend and the environment.

Here at West Paw Design we do all we can to reduce waste in our products and in our manufacturing methods. We make sure to cut as much raw product as possible out of every bolt of fabric, then reusing the scrap material where we can. We rescue and reuse old boxes to store our finished products, and employ recycled material in our packaging.

When it comes to your pet and the environment we like to keep them both happy! Try our sustainable products and see what making a difference can do!

~Spencer Williams, President
West Paw Design
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