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YU Living-Space Purifying Solution With Neroli Essence Oil

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Pet Shampoo and Conditioner
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A true total solution to purify your living-space shared with your loving pets. 

Non-toxic and revolutionary formula removes unpleasant odors thanks to its unique ingredient derived from natural ricinus oil. 

Capture, counter, eliminate, and anti-bacterial all these unpleasant matters easily and quickly. 

A single solution for all your little troubles! 

- Home-space with pets 
- Deodorant & cleansing for pets’ urine accidents 
- Cat litter box / pet care 
- Garbage bins/ Smelly shoes 
- Daily cleansing of the floor 
- In car / Smoking space 

- Spray onto targeted spaces to eliminate odors and bacteria. 
- Cleansing floor: dilute small amount of purifying solution into bucket with water prior to moping the floor.

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