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Yappetizers - Calamari (Wild Squid)

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Yappetizers Wild Squid contains no additives, preservatives, colouring or artificial flavouring. 
Squid is a good source of proteins and contains Omega-3, copper, zinc, B vitamins and iodine.

- 100% natural
- No preservatives
- No additives
- No artificial colors
- Human grade ingredients
- Biologically appropriate
- Handcrafted in Canada

From grassy plains and green mountain pastures, down rivers and streams to the sweet salty smell of the ocean Yappetizers products come from an environment of crisp air and clean water. We only use wild fish and meat cuts that are free of steroids, hormones and antibiotics. They are naturally preserved through the age old process of drying, and are high in both nutrients and quality.

Ingredients: Wild Squid

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