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Zuke's Lil' Link Rabbit
Zuke's Lil' Link Pork

Zuke's Lil' Link Rabbit

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Healthy Little Sausage Links for Dogs Reward a job well done with tasty Lil’ Links.
Every grain-free bite is filled with down-home, healthy goodness – real meat, apples, potatoes, carrots, and antioxidant-rich herbs for a tasty treat your dog will wag about.
•Real meat & wholefood ingredients: nutrients from food - no artificial colors, flavors or added animal fat
•Grain-free: perfect for dogs on grain-free or limited-grain diets
•Nutrient-rich maple syrup, rosemary, sage and turmeric: powerful sources of antioxidants
•Extremely palatable: motivating even in stressful situations like obedience classes or vet visits Feed Lil' Links and Fuel the Love®

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