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Introducing S.E.L.F.

Have you ever had problems making an appointment with us? Or you shared an exciting product with us, but it is not on our website yet? Fear not, the solution is here!

Doggyfriend® has revolutionised a whole new way of selling your products to us. We have launched a new approach to SKU listing on our Doggyfriend® website. Its called S.E.L.F. (short for - SKU Express Loading Form).

You may have a new product or you cannot find your existing products on our website. Then please fill up S.E.L.F. and we will upload your product(s) to our website on the next day.

Its easy, its productive and most of all, you concentrate your time by focusing on what really counts! SALES! See your product fly off the shelves on Doggyfriend® website!

So hurry and don't wait. Increase your sales to us today by loading as much products into Doggyfriend®.


  1. You need to be logged in to submit S.E.L.F.. Doggyfriend® would have sent you your Username and Password.

  2. Note the COMPULSORY fields to be filled up, they are highlighted in red. Item submission is not allowed unless all COMPULSORY fields are filled up.

  3. More information is available by clicking on the ? icons next to the text boxes.

  4. Only one item may be submitted at any one time.

  5. If you have various weight/color/size for a product, you just need to key in as a single item indicating the various options separated by commas.
    Example 1:
    Product Code: DF-100, DF-200, DF-300
    Weight/Size/Color: 1kg, 2kg, 3kg
    RRP (S$): $27.90, $39.90, $45.90

    Example 2:
    Product Code: DF-888
    Weight/Size/Color: Red, Green, Blue, White, Black
    RRP (S$): $18.90 (same price for all colors)

  6. Upon completion of each item, click on the "Add to Cart" button to save. (Note: Each item can only be saved once)

  7. A blank S.E.L.F. form is then generated for entering another new item.

  8. When you have finished adding all items, click on "Checkout" button.

  9. Scroll to the bottom of the Checkout page, ensure that payment mode has been set to "No Payment Necessary" and make sure that you have checked the 4 boxes to agree to our T&C. Click on "Checkout" button again.

  10. You will receive a confirmation email that your "Order" has been submitted.

    For clarifications, please email [email protected]

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