Bathing your dog or cat can be quite a task. Some pets really hate bath time, but with our shampoos, the job will be a lot easier for the both of you! Here at Doggyfriend, we have all types of pet shampoos that not only keep your pet fresh and clean, but also rinse out very quickly. We even have shampoos that don't require rinsing at all.

Some of our shampoos make life even better for your pet because they address skin and fur conditions that cause a lot of discomfort for your animal friend. Our shampoos will leave your pet clean, healthy, and looking and smelling great! At Doggyfriend we source our shampoos from different brands around the world to make sure we offer you a full selection. We have dog and cat shampoo for sensitive skin, odor control, skin and coat health, anti-itch, color boosting, and more. The right shampoo will make bath time easy and healthy, and you'll find it right here!

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