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Accurate Flea & Tick Control Spray
Accurate Flea & Tick Control Spray 500ml

Accurate Flea & Tick Control Spray

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Fleas and Ticks Treatment for Dogs and Cats, kills ticks, fleas, maggots by attacking their nervous system.
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ACCURATE™ Tick and Flea Spray offers an all-round protection for your pets and surroundings against Fleas, Ticks, Lice, Bugs, Mosquitoes and Maggots. The specially formulated spray contains active ingredient Etofenprox, which is mild and safe for use around children and pets without exposing them to harsh chemicals. ACCURATE™ Tick and Flea Spray does not contain any artificial colours or fragrances.

* Etofenprox is classified by World Health Organization under Table 5, and is deemed unlikely to present acute hazard with normal use.
- Anti-fungal/Anti-Bacterial Action
- Treat Maggot Wounds
- Does not penetrate into blood streams
- Gentle enough for daily use
- No skin/eye irritations
- Low toxicity and is safe for animals and humans
- Non-staining and eco-friendly

Suitability: It is suitable for use on Dogs, Cats and Small Animals. It is also safe for use on Puppies, Kittens, Pregnant and Nursing Bitches.

Sizes Available: 250ml or 500ml

Ingredients: Active Ingredient:
- Etofenprox 1.5% w/w

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