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Welcome to DoggyFriend, one of first e-commence pioneers in Singapore.

Incorporated on Jan 25, 2005, we began life as a humble push-cart at Northpoint Shopping Centre, Yishun Singapore... recommended by pet forums like Pets Channel... our e-commence platform gained traction despite the fact that Singaporeans were slow in accepting the idea of buying online 15 years ago.  

Through sheer will and determination, DoggyFriend (modeled after the "mom-and-pop" provision store found in "Old Town USA" ) finally gained recognition as an alternative to "brick-and -mortar" stores after 5 tough years...paving the way for other online petstores to enter into this market...

Working with all the best pet food brands in the world, DoggyFriend have taken leadership in setting the benchmark in educating and providing know-how on "Caring for your Best Friend" throughout all of its life stages...the vision that we had when we first started this business.

With "Caring for your Best Friend" as our company motto; this philosophy ingrained into our DNA, is the driving force behind the strength for us to carry on what we do everyday.

Supported by more than 7,000 plus products which includes specialty items like treats and toys, cat scratch furniture, shampoos and grooming accessories; we are also heavy into pet health products which include multi-vitamins and supplements for all aspects of your furry friend's health and well-being from teeth to tail. Sniff around and you'll find what you're after!

We love to hear from you... please contact us if you like to see more information on a product or you have a fresh new idea to share with us. 

Once again, our Japanese mascot " Hachiko", famed for his fierce loyalty towards his master, waiting at Shinjuku train station/Tokyo for his master to return everyday...welcomes you to DoggyFriend (he's on the top banner - at the far right).

Our Hachiko wants to thank you for your loyalty in supporting DoggyFriend all these years and he will be waiting for your return, to shop for more goodies on DoggyFriend...

Featured Products

  • Cat It Cat Play & Scratch Toy Orange
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  • Loving Pet Bowls
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  • Stefanplast Happy Kennel (Dark Grey)
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  • Catit Smartsift Biodegradable Liner Drawer
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  • Wellness Core Chunky Centers Buy 3 Free 1
    S$17.00  S$15.90
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  • Primal Freeze Dried Canine Promo 4 For $159.90
    S$176.00  S$159.90
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