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Breeder Celect Cat Litter Animal Bedding
Breeder Celect Cat Litter Animal Bedding

Breeder Celect Cat Litter Animal Bedding

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Cat Litter
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 At last, a natural safe product to improve your pet's quality of life as well as benefit pet owners. Made by Fibrecycle Pty Ltd, a paper recycling company from Australia, Breeder Celect is made entirely from recycled paper with absolutely no chemicals added. It is a natural organic product that has superior odour control capabilities. Breeder Celect is the ideal litter for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, mice, gerbils, puppies, reptiles, poultry, horses and in fact for all terrestrial animals where waste and odour control is an issue.

Benefits of Breeder Celect Cat Litter / Animal Bedding
Cellulose fibres are compressed into pellets and submitted to a drying phase which exposes the product to temperatures in excess of 150 degrees Celsius. No Additives are used in the manufacturing process.
Low density relative to clay/diatomaceous earth and other high density products (is up to 60% lighter).
Superior absorbency to clay and other organic products.

Lasts considerably longer than clay - most users say it lasts at least twice as long.
Effective at less than the recommended depth of clay in the litter tray.
Cleaner than clay and close to dust free.
Does not 'track' in cat's paws as clay, sawdust or silicon granules do.

Does not have the sharpness of clay ... therefore does not scratch or mark floors in the event of a spill.
Less prone to breakage on the shelf due to the relative lightness of the product and its lack of hard, sharp granules.
Easier to clean up than clay.
Does not adhere to litter trays as clay does.
Easy to dispose of - it can be mulched in the garden or flushed into the sewer. Biodegradable.
Does not disintegrate into dust on contact with water as wooden pellet does.
Does not contain any oil that may come from other organic products like wooden shavings or pellets.
Will not attract pests like weevils or beetles that may occur in other organic products like rice or other grain-based litter.
It is safe even when accidentally consumed by your pets. In fact, Breeder Celect pelletised paper are added with vitamins and fed to cattle in drought-stricken areas to gain bulk.

Packaging sizes available in retail stores
Breeder Celect comes in 6 litres, 15 litres and 35 litres.
Small animals simply love Breeder Celect cat litter as it keeps them from dust as it does not break down when wet. It keeps them from pine oil that may be harmful to small animals.

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