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FORBIS Long Coat Aloe Shampoo
FORBIS Long Coat Aloe Shampoo

FORBIS Long Coat Aloe Shampoo

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Pet Shampoo
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Hair that waves to the light breeze! Popular product that has a faint scent! Freshness from natural high-quality aloe!
•Shampoo for animals with long hair easily damaged by external factors •Provides moist and nutrition to damaged hair
•The heat-active ingredient promotes shinier and more resilient hair
•Prevents hair from tangling Product description :
FORBIS Long Coat Aloe Shampoo is a must-have shampoo for long haired pets that need delicate care. By adding Aloe Vera Gel that provides both moist and nutrition, it prevents hair damage and tangled hair. The heat active ingredient included in this shampoo help maintains smooth hair that can easily tangle after a bath and helps to effectively trim hair. Heat Active For dogs & cats with hairs longer than 3cm

Aloe Vera Gel, Polyquaternium-7, Cocamido propyl Betaine etc.
750ml RRP $23.90
1 Gallon RRP $109

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