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Habitrail OVO Suite
Habitrail OVO Suite

Habitrail OVO Suite

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Small Animal Pet Cages
Part Number: 6153
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Please note that our product comes in the original box (unassembled). The OVO Suite includes:
Cage Unit
Transport Unit
Trails 10” (2)
Windows (3)
Elbows (3)
Water Bottle
Lock Connectors (11)
Food Dish
Cozy Hideaway

The OVO Suite is a bigger starter kit than the OVO Pad as it contains added tubing, connectors and accessories providing a more interactive environment for your hamster, gerbil or mouse. It is fully expandable and ready to grow. There's no wire cages here... the OVO's main housing unit features molded walls to keep debris in the unit and not on your floor.

The roof is made of four pieces that are highlighted with two ventilated retractable dome doors. These unique doors provide 360 degree access and viewing.

The height of the feeding dish has been raised in this new design eliminating the contamination with bedding, etc. that occurs in other types of small pet enclosures. In addition, the water bottle has been completely redesigned for superior functionality as well as easy access for both consumers and their pet.

Lastly, the incredible patented Lock Connectors have been improved with the addition of a special elastomer grip that lets small hands build big.

If you prefer to start off smaller, order the OVO Pad which contains fewer accessories. However, no matter which base unit you start with - both the OVO Pad and OVO Suite are fully expandable.

If you need the parts, please refer to the Code Number on Hagen's website and our price list is enclosed below:

62600 Habitrail OVO Pad $40.50
62610 Habitrail OVO Suite $79.20
62660 Habitrail OVO Maze Blue $37.80
62665 Habitrail OVO Maze Pink $37.80
62670 Habitrail OVO Transport Unit $17.90
62675 Habitrail OVO Den $8.10
62680 Habitrail OVO Water Bottle $11.15
62690 Habitrail OVO Tower Pack $20.00
62691 Habitrail OVO Adventure Pack $36.00
62705 Habitrail OVO Tube 10" $5.30
62710 Habitrail OVO U-Turn $3.60
62715 Habitrail OVO Cube $5.30
62720 Habitrail OVO Tee $3.80
62725 Habitrail OVO Curve $3.80
62730 Habitrail OVO Elbow $3.60
62750 Habitrail OVO Truck $3.80
62755 Habitrail OVO Tree House Maze $7.20
62760 Habitrail OVO Doll House Maze $7.20
62765 Habitrail OVO Beach/Underwater Maze $6.75
83380 Vision Bath Home $5.30

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