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Marukan Mouse Toy for Cat
Marukan Mouse Toy for Cat

Marukan Mouse Toy for Cat

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Cat Toy
Part Number: CT241
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Product Dimensions: W30 × D30 × H305 mm

Marukan Mouse Teaser Cat Toy allows you to interact and play with your cat at home! 

This teaser toy is made with natural hair and can be used to trigger natural hunting instincts in your cat. 

Simply wave and dangle the toy in front of your cat and let him stalk, jump and bat the toy. 

The teaser toy allows you to play with your cat and also satisfies his natural hunting instincts. 

This toy can relieve stress and boredom for your cat and keep them entertained for hours. 

You may also purchase the Marukan Mouse Toy For Cats and replace the mouse with any from the pack. 

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