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Pupeederm Bubble Carbonated Shampoo Lavander (Trouble Care)
Pupeederm Bubble Carbonated Shampoo Lavander (Trouble Care)

Pupeederm Bubble Carbonated Shampoo Lavander (Trouble Care)

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WHALE is a carbonic acid powder bath containing high concentration of microcarbonate. High concentration ofmicrocarbonate removes dead skin cells, loose hair and odors very effectively For skin of dogs that are weaker and more sensitive than humans, skin moisturizing, soothing, relieve itching contains helpful ingredients conditioner effect adds shine to coat. Renewal with 3 functions containing skin trouble of most pets. Upgraded with concentrated functions and ingredients for pet skin types
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Pupeederm Bubble Carbonated Shampoo Lavander (Trouble Care)

Trouble-Care carbonated bubble shampoo with Panthenol & Calamine to improve sensitive skin & hair.

Panthenol & Calamine help soothe the skin, relieve itch & strengthen skin barriers.
Baobab oil supplied with abundant vitamins makes the hair healthy

When scratching with redness & itching, despite the small stimulus
When you want to strengthen the skin barrier to make your pet's skin healthy.

Bubble is a carbonated powder shampoo with high concentration of microcarbonate. quickly remove dead skin cells, loose hair and dirty substances. It helps sensitive hair rich and soft for the pets. Microcarbon and rich foam Lightly rub and rinse lightly to reduce skin irritation and wash cleanly


Moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, rice protein) deliver moisture to the skin of dry pets


Enhanced trouble care ingredients (panthenol, calamine) sooth and strengthen sensitive skin


Provides nutrients and protects hair by containing good ingredients (silkamino acid, marine elastin) for hair and hair roots

Hypoallergenic shampoo

Bubble shampoo is hypoallergenic because the bubbles are first dissolved in water and not shampooed directly on the skin.

Easy and Clean shampoo

Easily remove foreign substances by entering the water and rubbing lightly After bath, check the dirty water !!!

Easy rinsing

Rinse lightly with a gently, less irritating shampoo method and after drying it enrich and shiny

Carbonated Therapy effect

Bubble Shampoo's rich in carbonic acid and it has an excellent effect on skin exfoliation and soothing.


  • This is a shampoo, thus pet do not need to be shampoo before using this.
  • Add 20g (1 pack or 2 spoons) of shampoo to the empty bathtub.
  • While dissolving the shampoo in the shower, recommended to spray 10L of warm water in the bathtub.
  • The effect will create bubbles and is soothing to the pet.
  • Sit and shampoo your pet in the bathtub for around 10mins.
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry well

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