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Richell 2 Way Handy Shower for Dogs

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Richell - 2 way Handy Shower

>Easy and convenient to use
>Any water bottle could fit with 2 way Handy Shower
>Rehydrate your pets during their walk or outing
>Cleaning purpose (eg, pee marks on the floor)

Direction of Use
1. One-touch for opening and closing. Pull up the shower cap to allow water to pour out (Either for drinking or cleaning pee marks). Push back the shower cap when finished. 
2. How to use 2 way
Drinking: Turn over the saucer and pull up the shower cap. Squeeze the water bottle to allow water pour out to rehydrate your dogs during their walks.
Cleaning: Pull up the shower cap and spray water to where we need cleaning (eg. pee marks)
3. Carabiner
It could be easily hook onto anything (eg, dog's leash or bags)
Packing Size
Size: 7.5×14.5×5H(cm)
Material /
Screw cap, saucer: Polypropylene
Shower cap: Polyethylene
Carabiner: Aluminum
Carabiner load capacity: 1kg 

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