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Snap-in Litter Pan
Snap-in Litter Pan

Snap-in Litter Pan

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Pee Tray
Part Number: 3559
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For Standard Usual Price: S$30 Savings: S$3 Your Price: S$27
For Semi-Wide Usual Price: S$48 Savings: S$4.80 Your Price: S$43.20
For Wide Usual Price: S$64 Savings: S$6.4 Your Price: S$57.6
For Wide Plus Usual Price: S$67 Savings: S$6.70 Your Price: S$60.30

  • Frame specially designed to hold pad firmly in place!
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy-wash plastic mesh
  • Easy to change pad with removable frame.
  • Non-slip rubber protects floors from scratches.
  • Comes in 4 sizes; Standard/ Semi-Wide/ Wide/ Wide-Plus

  • Standard:
  • Semi-Wide:
  • Wide:
  • Wide-Plus:
  • 48 x 35 x 4H(cm)
    53 x 45 x 4H(cm)
    64 x 48 x 4H(cm)
    72 x 55 x 4.5H(cm)

  • Frame and pointed studs tuck pad down firmly in place

    Snap-in frame makes pad changing easy

    Corner skids protect floors from scratches

    Semi-Wide is exact size for Wooden Pen w/Door 90-60D

    Actual pee pad area will be around 1-2cm lesser!
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