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Tick Remover (Yellow)
Tick Remover (Yellow)

Tick Remover (Yellow)

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Fleas and Ticks Treatment for Dogs and Cats
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Set of 2pcs. 
Small 4.7cm x 0.7cm
Big 5.1cm x 2.3cm

Why you should use this?

Cradles the body of the tick without compressing the abdomen, minimising the transfer of tick-borne infections.
Removes the whole tick without leaving parts behind in the skin.
Removes the tick, quickly and without any pain.
It can be disinfected or sterilised.
Made from recyclable plastic, which is resistant to ether and most solvents.
The blister pack folds to become a useful and compact carry pack.

How do I remove a tick?

Your main aims are to remove the tick promptly, to remove all parts of the tick’s body and to prevent it releasing additional saliva or regurgitating its stomach contents into your bite wound.
DO start by cleansing the tweezers/tool with antiseptic. After tick removal, cleanse the bite site and the tool with antiseptic.
DO wash hands thoroughly afterwards.
DO save the tick in a container in case a doctor asks for evidence that you have been bitten (label it with date and location).
DO NOT squeeze the body of the tick, as this may cause the head and body to separate, leaving the head embedded in your skin.
DO NOT use your fingernails to remove a tick. Infection can enter via any breaks in your skin, e.g. close to the fingernail.
DO NOT crush the tick’s body, as this may cause it to regurgitate its infected stomach contents into the bite wound.
DO NOT try to burn the tick off, apply petroleum jelly, nail polish or any other chemical. Any of these methods can cause discomfort to the tick, resulting in regurgitation, or saliva release.

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