1. Watercolor Pet Potrait 12" x 9"
Watercolor Pet Potrait 12
Watercolor Pet Potrait 12' x 9'

Watercolor Pet Potrait 12" x 9"

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Watercolour Pet Portrait Painting
by Dionne Ho
"Dionne is a self-taught watercolorist since April 2014, specializing in realistic detailed custom Pet Portraits and Wildlife paintings."

Custom pet portrait paintings are a unique and wonderful way to cherish our beloved pets, and are a true memorial of the pets we once lost.

Our artist uses materials that are archival grade, meaning top of the line professional artist grade watercolour paints and paper. 
The framing materials right down to the tapes and mat boards are also all acid-free, and uses UV resistant acrylic instead of regular glass, to ensure the quality of the painting and so that it will last a long time.

Each portrait size is 12" x 9"

How it works:

Please email your pet's pictures to us at contact.doggyfriend@gmail.com ,after your order is made. 
Please include your order number, & list which photo you'll wish for the artist to use.
Our artist recommends sending a few pictures to have a better idea of your pet's look.

Once the work is in progress, it'll generally take about 6 weeks for it to be completed. (including framing)

The 1st pet costs $150 in a painting. Each additional pet costs $100. You may add up to 3 pets.
A maximum of 2 pets are allowed in each painting.

For 4 pets,  2 pets in one portrait  $150 + $100 + $60 for framing, plus $100 + $100 + $60 for another 2 pets in the 2nd portrait. 
You also have the option of having all 4 pets in separate portraits, and framing will be charged accordingly. 

For best results in alignments, our artist recommends:
    - Portrait alignment can accommodate only ONE head/shoulder or ONE semi/full body.
    - Landscape alignment is recommended for two head/shoulder or ONE semi/full body. (Unless it's a picture of 2 pets hugging each other in their sleep)

Once the portrait is completed, we will contact you to arrange for delivery to you at your earliest convenience date & timing.

Please select the option on "Painting Status" if you wish to be updated on the progress of the painting. 
Our artist will then be in touch with you periodically via email for updates.

Terms & conditions:
As this is a hand painted portrait, we seek your kind understanding & patience should there be any unforeseen delays.
Once an order is made, no cancellations or refunds are allowed.
Full payment upon order is required.
Watercolour Pet Portrait is not eligible for *Free Doggyfriend Gift Vouchers* promo.

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