Tips for Choosing a Dog Shampoo

Just like the type of shampoo that people use can differ from person-to-person, the same applies to dogs. Why? Well, it is because dogs have different skin types just like human skin types differ from each other. Using the wrong shampoo can cause skin irritation and this can cause quite a bit of confusion when trying to find the right shampoo. And do not think that using a human shampoo on a dog is safe because human shampoo does not have the same acidic pH that a dog shampoo does. The dog can experience skin irritation because the human shampoo has a pH that is lower than what the dog's skin needs.

So here are some steps to take when choosing a dog shampoo that is appropriate for your beloved dog:

  • Look at your dog's skin and try to determine his or her skin type. If you notice any skin flaking, then your dog most likely has dry skin. This means it is fair to say that your dog has oily skin if you notice there is any type of oil residue when you rub your fingers through your dog's fur or their fur tends to become oily. It is good to separate the fur since oil may not be visible on the surface, especially in long-haired dogs. If neither one of these issues exist, then it is safe to say your dog has normal skin. If you are not sure, it never fails to ask the vet.

  • The shampoo that is chosen should be an all natural shampoo that is specific to the skin type that your dog has. If a majority of the ingredients on the label is hard to pronounce, then it is not an all natural shampoo. This means that it is chalk full of synthetic ingredients.

  • If your dog has an issue with fleas and ticks, then an all natural dog shampoo that is designed to eliminate fleas and ticks should be your choice. However, using such a shampoo means that it is important to avoid getting it in the dog's eyes and mouth because it can be harmful.

  • If your dog scratches a lot, it is a good idea to see the vet because this could be indicative of a skin condition that may need another type of attention. Some dog shampoos can irritate a skin condition. Don't discount the issue as simply being dry skin. If the dog doesn't have a skin condition, a shampoo containing Aloe Vera should make your pup feel better and scratch less. If the issue is more severe, a medicated shampoo may be needed.

  • Do not choose a shampoo that is heavily scented. The scents can irritate a dog's skin. You know that some sort of extra ingredient has to be placed into the shampoo and some dogs may not be as tolerant as others when it comes to these ingredients. That is why it is a good idea to play it safe and get a lightly scented shampoo. Your dog will also smell pleasant instead of smelling like he or she just left a beauty salon full of chemicals.

Following these steps means that you can acquire a dog shampoo that is specific to your dog's skin type. Such a shampoo should not irritate the skin. Just because a dog is an animal doesn't mean that the dog can tolerate chemicals because skin comes in different types no matter the species. So be vigilant and ask your vet if you have any questions about your dog's skin and what shampoos you should use.